Learn how to Monitor with Prometheus

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Robust Perception provides Consulting, Support and Training for the Prometheus monitoring system. We are in the process of releasing a series of courses on Prometheus fundamentals. Content is reinforced through exercises and quizzes.

All courses are self-paced, and can be taken at any time!

Currently available are:

  1. Introduction to Prometheus (Free)
  2. The Prometheus Data Model
  3. Understanding PromQL
  4. Prometheus Configuration
  5. Using Grafana with Prometheus
  6. Alerting with Prometheus
  7. Instrumenting with Prometheus

These are also available as a bundle, which is better value for money and will gain additional content.

Look out for new courses becoming available in the near future!

For European consumers, note that prices are excluding VAT.

If you've any questions around training, please contact training@robustperception.io